Le Marathon du Marathon

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Within the  Le Marathon des mots  festival, the EXPRMNL gallery, (rue de la Bourse, Toulouse) features a Christian de Cambiaire performance titled   Le Marathon du Marathon  in which  the word  marathon  is declined according to the 20160 various possible combinations of its 8 letters.

To that effect the software PERMUTOR generates in real time the permutations, displays them on the screen, pronounces them by a synthetic voice, giving the performance a sound dimension.

So, objectivizing all its permutational possibilities, till then waiting in the theoritical world of the algorithms, the word marathon comes upon to a real  and more enduring presence and opens out to a new and funny dimension : among these 20160 permutations, how many will be recognized as the anagram of an english word or of a word belonging to one of the 6800 languages in the world ?

The concept of Difference and Repetition which Christian de Cambiaire use, long ago, for the  renewal of his artistic creations, finds here a special modality of application, so to say a kind of lexical game and linguistic challenge.


Historic :


The software PERMUTOR has been created in 2004, artistic creation  Christian de Cambiaire, programmation Jean Pierre Jessel & Vincent Vivaloc of the Institut de Recherche Informatique de Toulouse.

It generally enables the permutaion of n elements : letters, sounds or musical note.

It has been carried into effect :


-         In 2004, titled MONNOMMESNOMS, at the galerie Le Garage, Toulouse

-         In 2005 , titled The cycle of a name and  of a form, at the Newmark Gallery, San        Francisco , CA .