Christian de Cambiaire lives and works in Toulouse (100, allée de Barcelone, 31000 Toulouse. Tel. 33/0 561 21 06 72). Graduated in Political Science in this city.

Turned to artistic creation after the revelation, in the fifties, of American abstraction and "Art Informel" which influenced his first non-representational works

Yet, he gradually aimed at freeing himself of this first influence. 

Around 1960, in order to "structurer l'informel" (Michel Tapié) he used repetitive procedures by superimposing calligraphic grids and started to move away from a certain subjectivism in painting, using the spray-gun. At that time he took part in the activities of the Lettrist Group.

From 1968 forward his work was supported by the art critic Michel Tapiè who was then interest in the concept of "set of signs" and "abstract spaces", and showed his work in the exhibitions he organized in Paris and in Italy. In Paris he also took part in the creation of the "V art" group and its exhibitions. In Toulouse he co-founded the "Peinture-Itération" group (1975-1979) whose purpose was to revisit the conceptual basis of abstraction which seemed, by then, to have exhausted some of its potentials.

 In 1978 he created pictorial reliefs taking up the third dimension which was already perceptible in his superimpositions. Starting in 1983 he turned to more radical solutions by substituting the concept of algorithmic distribution to that of composition which is of heuristic nature : in the former the part played by the artist shifts from the spontaneous aesthetic reactions to the use of systems that generate the work of art.

Since 1990 he has used a personal computer program corresponding to his own thematic approach.