First influences : "matièrisme" in the manner of Tapiès but with earth references : 

N° 13, 1958, Landscape, sand, earth, pigments,  glued on wood, 140 x 126 cm.



My handwriting engraved in the pictorial matter : still a gesture but constrained and strongly socialized. As if to constrain even more lyrical expression, these actions (in the sense of "Action painting") are then contradicted by geometric patterns.

N° 50, 1966, Coat of arms, paint / wood, 98 x 86 cm



Matter disappears from the canvas and becomes a grid through which the paint is gun-sprayed. The use of grids leads to superimposition, center rotation, turning over : repetitive processes that aim at giving the work structure and inner consistency.

 It is already a systematic approach. Each area of the all-over texture is the result not of  the artist's fractional actions  but of a set of transformations which involves the work as a whole and remains unpredictable in its details. 

N° 125, 1971, Distribution, paint / canvas / frame, 130 x 97 cm   




The grid can be cut out to create a grid within the grid that is itself submitted to repetitive procedures generating the series of "cut out and superimposed papers" , each of the five supports (the four cut out supports plus the background support) of a different color.  


N° 234, 1980, Superimpositions, paint / papers, 146 x 114 cm



The all-over pattern is dissociated from color which is applied in horizontal bands.

N° 238, 1980, Juxtapositions, paint /canvas without frame , 200 x 150 cm


Instead of holes one can cut out fragments in the structure which will appear as shapes and arrange them according to simple patterns on a neutral non-pictorial background.

N° 251, 1981, Composition, cut out paintings, glued on canvas without frame, 200 x 150 cm


The cut out shapes give way to minimal plastic units : brush-painted colored spots of various sizes, then sticks with rounded ends. The position of these units, their orientation, the distribution of the chromatic series are now subjected to a system of permutations  that are "hand-made" but the result of a computer program. 

N° 270, 1983, Punctuations, paint / paper, 206 x 150 cm 

N° 292, 1984, Distribution, gradual process , paint /canvas / frame, 300 x 216 cm



The discrete elements that make up the work are connected to create "concatenations" many of which are three-dimensional.

Process and figure are for me two guiding concepts. The figure emerges as the final stage of a process, of an algorithm. Composition, which is of heuristic nature, has given way to distribution which is the result of a system. 

N° 320, 1987, Concatenation,, threads, /wood, 72 x 50 x 20 cm 



I create a new computer program "Voyager", with the help of  F.R.A.C. ( Contemporary art foundation of Midi Pyrénées (south-west of France) which is a generalization of my previous aesthetic themes and enables me to explore more rapidly the combinatorial universe which stems from my previous plastic approach.

Oeuvre-System, dark room, painting /canvas, computer , projector



The exhibition "The work, the model, the work" stems from a confrontation between fixed mural displays and ever-changing and repeated screen displays. These echo the paintings which are hung between monitors on pedestals in which the computers are concealed.


Installation : 8 computers, pedestals, 9 cut out supports  (painting / wood)


(since 1990)

Use of the computer program "Voyager", for research of specific forms. Among the great number of combinations generated by the system, I choose some and produce them in various media. 


N° 370, 1990, Distribution, painting /canvas / frame, 162 x 114 cm


N° 433, 1994, cut out supports, paint /wood, 183 x 107 cm


N° 461, 1996, Construction, cut out hole, paint / bois, 128 x 102 x 10 cm


Stabile Un, 1996, sculpture, galvanized steel , height  12 m, (Montauban Albasud)


N° 476, 1998, Bloc 3D, paint / bois, 125 x 80 x 10 cm


A new step is taken thanks to the use of digital ink jet prints. The artist's hand is eliminated : Recent  works


I create the software  "EXPLORER" with Guilhem Puyou and Pierre Sablayrolles, students at  Ecole Supérieure Aéronautique of  Toulouse. 


(2003) I create the anagrammatic permutations software  "PERMUTOR"


(2004) Anagramatic multimedia installation implementing the software  Permutor : 58 tablettes listing the 90 720 anagrams of name CAMBIAIRE  and their complementary  DVD  : MONNOMMESNOMS                                                                                                                           

Garage_6.JPG (24090 octets)                          Garage_7.JPG (43099 octets)   


(2005)  The "Small Frames" series is rooted in the same concept than the "Small Blocks" which they take same colors and similar similar outline ; their center is empty :



(2005)  These works are made from my personal art software "Explorer" (2000). They started to be present by deploying themselves and of themselves. Actually they have been merely choosed, I'd tell picked, like flowers. They have been e-printed on PVC.

Explor01.JPG (58837 octets)        Explor02.JPG (79062 octets)     DSC01018.JPG (49332 octets)