By "software art" I mean the works of art that have been created by the application of a software : those that show the software not in the mysterious working of its computerised development but in its final functioning ; not by its means but in its artistic purpose

"EXPLORER" (mars 2002, conception Christian de Cambiaire, programmation Guilhem Puyou & Pierre Sablayrolles) is constituted by points that are haphazarly distributed in space and linked to each of the others, so creating segments. Each of this points moves, independly of the others, in a given perimeter so that the position and the lenght of the segments change continuously and give to the form as a whole a perpetuous movement. But, differently from a mechanical movement, the position of the segments between them is never the same and thus the work of art is endowed with the autonomous power to deform and reform itself : a palpitation, as a sort of life.

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